VZ Hang® Hooks make it easy to hang decor on your vinyl siding without ever having to pick up a hammer!


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Our Original V-Z Hang® Vinyl Siding Hooks are designed such that anyone can hang outdoor decor on their vinyl siding, without using tools or creating holes!

THe VZ Hang® Finish Trim Hooks are designed to hang lights, banners, and more from your finish trim.

Benefits of VZ Hang® Vinyl Siding Hooks & VZ Hang® Finish Trim Hooks

VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks & VZ Hang Finish Trim Hooks are designed with the homeowner in mind. Whether you are hanging decor on your vinyl siding, or lights on your finish trim, customers will benefit from our innovative design and quality workmanship.

The original hook design installs quickly, easily, and holds up to 5 pounds!vz hang vinyl trim hook bunting

VZ Hang Finish Trim Hooks


No tools or holes to drill, does not damage your siding or finish trim.vz hang vinyl siding hook decorative stone

VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks


The unique design allows you to remove and relocate many times over.vz hang vinyl siding hook metal decoration

VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks


Polypropylene with UV ray inhibitors, small and nearly invisible.vz hang vinyl trim hooks lights

VZ Hang Finish Trim Hooks


Buy Now! 7 clips per package for only $8.95, and FREE SHIPPING within the USA!